Author and Podcaster: Shermeeka Mason


cropped-cropped-10469045_10203898651373978_8537176051556260028_n.jpgShermeeka M.L. Mason is a self-published author, blogger, podcaster, and volunteer radio show host. She is the creator of and blogger for the WordPress blog, Black Girl with Glasses. She recently published the political science-fiction novel, The One Taken from the Sea of Stars under the pen name Octavia Davis.  Her two poems, “The Wrong One” and “Don’t Look at Me Like That” is featured in 11/9:  The Fall of American Democracy.

In addition to being an active author, Mason is currently one of the co-hosts of The Bonfire Talks on WAYO 104.3 FM, which airs every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. EST. She is also the host of podcast Black Girl with Glasses on SoundCloud.  In her spare time, she reads, binges on Facebook, and spends time with beloved cat-son, Tobias.  Follow Black Girl with Glasses on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and WordPress.

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