Change of Plans: Introducing The Black Girl with Glasses Podcast on SoundCloud

Hey all,

After much thought, I’ve decided not to write any more articles.  Due to my work schedule and other projects going on, I find that I do not have the time to write opinion pieces.  I also found that I don’t really enjoy doing it, either.  However, I DO love interviewing Black activists who are doing the most to empower their individual communities.  So I’ve created the Black Girl with Glasses podcast on SoundCloud!

Besides the series being less time consuming, I get to connect with Black folks throughout the country to discuss various topics pertaining to us!  The episodes are posted every first and third Sunday of each month.  So far, there are three episodes posted and there are more in the works.  I’ll post them (and other episodes) on this here blog site just to keep it active.  I’ll also be posting the transcripts with the episodes as well so the deaf and hard of hearing can enjoy them the BGwG podcast as well.

Thanks so much for your support!  I hope you enjoy the series.

Love, peace, and fake chicken grease,


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